Room service

Salads and starters

Traditional mixed salad€ 12.50
Gourmet salad (duck sleeve and homemade foie gras)€ 14

Cold starters

Natural Homemade duck foie gras€ 19.70
Presskopf vinaigrette, buttered apples€ 11.95

Our pasta

Lasagna with rougeaille of tomato and basilica, green salad€ 12.95
Schneckennudeln (large Alsatian ravioli), green salad€ 13.10

Veal - Lamb - Poultry - Pork

Cordon bleu with cream or lemon€ 17.40
Calf escalope with cream (knuckle)€ 16.60
Candied lamb knuckle with vegetables in casserole€ 17.80

Sea fish

Salmon steak with pink pepper and its sauce, rice€ 18.50
Steamed cod in olive oil on a bed of vegetables, rice€ 18.50

Typical alsatian food

Fondant of Beef Paleron cooked for 3 hours, spaëtzles€ 16.90
Bibeleskas (fromage frais, parsley, garlic, chopped onions), fried potatoes€ 12.95
Alsatian sauerkraut with five garnishes€ 18.95
Braised shank on Sauerkraut, Pinot Noir sauce, green salad€ 14.95

Menu for the little tigers

Escalope or ham or Alsatian knacks, spaëtzles | Without drink€ 8.40
With drink and ice cream (choice of the flavor)€ 11.50

The delicacies

Tart (depending on the season)€ 5.20
Chocolate cake€ 7.30
Fromage frais from Cotentin and its red fruit coulis€ 5.50
Honeycomb€ 5.50