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4.Traditional mixed salad (sausage and gruyere)€ 11.50
5.The farandole of raw vegetables (assortment)€ 11.50

Cold starters

10.Natural Homemade duck foie gras€ 19.50
11.Presskopf with raw vegetables or fried potatoes€ 11.80

Our pasta

30.Lasagna with rougeaille of tomato and basilica, green salad€ 12.90

The butcher choice

40.Calf's head with vegetables, sauce "gribiche"€ 16.70
44.Candied pork rips in casserole€ 14.80

Our meats

50.Cordon bleu with cream or lemon€ 16.10
51.Calf escalope with cream (knuckle)€ 16.20
52.Candied lamb knuckle with vegetables in casserole€ 15.50
53.Conserve of duck with gravy€ 15.50

Sea fish

71.Salmon steak with five peppers€ 16.90
73.Pikeperch supreme with Muscat cream, "rattes du Touquet"€ 17.95

Typical alsatian food

81.Traditional boiled beef, raw vegetables, marrowbone, horseradish€ 16.60
85.Bibeleskas (fromage frais), fried potatoes€ 12.80
86.Alsatian sauerkraut with five garnishes€ 18.80

Menu for the little tigers

100.Escalope or ham or Alsatian knacks, French fries€ 8.30
101.And ice cream (choice of the flavor)€ 11.40

On order only (from € 20.60 to € 24.80)

130.Fish stew
131.Sea Matelote
132.Bouillabaisse (Provencal fish soup) from Sète

The delicacies

111.Crème brûlée and its brown sugar€ 5.40
112.Fromage frais from Contentin on raspberries coulis€ 4.80
113.Tatin apple tart with vanilla ice cream€ 6.60
128.Selection of cheeses or Munster€ 4.70
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